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The OracleConnectionStringBuilder class makes creating connection strings less error-prone and easier to manage. Using this class, developers can employ a configuration file to provide the connection string and/or dynamically set the values though the key/value pairs. One example of a configuration file entry follows The Oracle connection string that includes settings, such as the server name, needed to establish the initial connection. The default value is an empty string ()

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(Other connection string parameters that control various aspects of connection pooling are fully documented in the ODP.NET documentation.) When your application uses connection pooling, the provider creates a pool of connections based on the connection string signature. The signature is based on the connection string parameter values. If any. // C# public string Enlist{get; set;}; Property Value. A string that represents the value of the supplied attribute. Values are case-insensitive. Possible values are: dynamic, true, false, yes, and no. Exceptions. ArgumentNullException - The specified value is null. OracleException - The supplied value is not one of following: dynamic, true, false, yes, or no. Remarks. When an.

Download Oracle 11g Release 2 Client ODBC Drivers Formating Rules for Connection Strings Connection Strings Explained Store Connection String in Web.config Connection Pooling The Provider Keyword, ProgID, Versioning and COM CLSID Explained Store and read connection string in appsettings.json SQL Server Data Types Reference Network Protocol for. Der OracleConnection wird geöffnet und als OracleCommand.Connection -Eigenschaft festgelegt. Im Beispiel wird dann ExecuteNonQuery aufgerufen und die Verbindung geschlossen. Zu diesem Zweck wird dem ExecuteNonQuery eine Verbindungs Zeichenfolge und eine Abfrage Zeichenfolge, die eine SQL INSERT-Anweisung ist, übermittelt Setting the enlist connection string attribute to true will implicitly enlist the connection when the Open method is called, if the connection is within a transaction context. The enlist attribute should be set to false or dynamic only if the connection will never enlist in a transaction We will learn connection string format for Oracle data providers in C#. In this article, we will see .NET data providers available for Oracle in C#. Tune in FREE to the Azure Virtual Conference starting Aug. 7 at 10am ET All Connection Strings for Oracle. Database connections via Oracles OracleConnection, Microsofts OracleConnection, Devarts OracleConnection, msdaora, OraOLEDB.Oracle, OleDbConnection, Oracle in OraHome92, Oracle in OraClient11g_home1, Microsoft ODBC for Oracle, Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle, Oracle in XEClient, ODBC .NET Provider and MSDataShape


Oracle Connection String Builder. Enlist Eigenschaft Definition. Namespace: System.Data.OracleClient Assembly: System.Data.OracleClient.dll. In diesem Artikel. Ruft einen Wert ab oder legt ihn fest, der angibt, ob der Pooler die Verbindung automatisch in den aktuellen Transaktionskontext des Erstellungsthreads einträgt. Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the pooler automatically. I have a distributed transaction context using ServiceDomain.Inside it, I open an SQL connection with connection string specifying Enlist=false, so that it is not automatically enlisted in the transaction. Then, if I manually enlist the connection in the distributed transaction using EnlistDistributedTransaction, the connection does not get closed, which can end in an InvalidOperationException. Within IEnlistmentNotification.Prepare I want to enlist a new database connection. If I resolve the data source in my connection string I get an AccessViolationException: An unhandled exception of type 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in System.Data.OracleClient.dll Additional information: Attempted to read or write protected memory. An Oracle Service Name (known as an Alias in versions prior to Oracle 8.0) defines the location (server name and port) and database (instance) for the connection. An ODBC Data Source simply defines which service name should be used for the ODBC connection. Each of these items must be set up correctly for a connection to work. When connection.

Oracle Connection String Builder. Remove(String) Methode Definition. Namespace: System.Data.OracleClient Assembly: System.Data.OracleClient.dll. In diesem Artikel. Entfernt den Eintrag mit dem angegebenen Schlüssel aus der OracleConnectionStringBuilder-Instanz. Removes the entry with the specified key from the OracleConnectionStringBuilder instance. public: override bool Remove(System::String. Enlist=Falseにすると、明示的にトランザクションに参加させないといけない気がしますが、 詳しくないので、どなたか、突っ込んでください。 TableAdapterだとConnection取れないし、めんどうなのかな。 RequiresNewで書いてみました。自分が作った適当なテーブル.

Hi, I use .NET 2.0, Oracle Express Edition 10g Release 2 (, Within IEnlistmentNotification.Prepare I want to enlist a new database connection. If I resolve the data source in my connection string I get an AccessViolationException: An unhandled exception of type 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in System.Data.OracleClient.dll Additional information: Attempted to read or. I'll share the connection string properties, but before that I wanted to know that is there any parameter or table through which we can gather details that how long a transaction will be connected to the database before erroring out with the titled error, when that session is INACTIVE. Thanks, Sandee Connection strings in web.config can be both powerful and challenging. The times were you would just remote desktop to production and change settings inside your ASP.NET web.config file is long gone. So, should you keep specifying connection strings using the connectionStrings element in web.config?Stay tuned to learn everything there is to learn about the subject SAS Connection Strings Can´t connect to MySql SQL Connection from Access uses windows account and gets permission denied Escaping a semicolon in Oracle Connection String CSV file decimal value issue connectionstrings articles search Q & A ask question contribute retro advertise about contact log in joi

Enables or disables serviced components to automatically enlist in distributed transactions: Incr Pool Size: 5: Controls the number of connections that are established when all the connections in the pool are used : Max Pool Size: 100: Maximum number of connections in a pool: Min Pool Size: 1: Minimum number of connections in a pool: Password : empty string: Password for the user specified by. Oracle® Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide 10g Release 2 (10.2) Part Number B14307-01: Home: Book List: Contents: Index: Master Index: Contact Us: Previous: Next: View PDF : OracleConnection Class. An OracleConnection object represents a connection to an Oracle database. Class Inheritance. Object. MarshalByRefObject. Component. OracleConnection. Declaration // C# public sealed class.

Problem is that unless the Enlist connection string parameter is set to FALSE, the above statement fails as SET_NLS calls are not supported within distributed transactions. Currently, I am investigating 2 possible solutions: 1) Set Enlist=False: This works and, as the app does not utilize distributed transactions in any way, is seemingly a good solution. Furthermore, this fix has been in. oracle connection cannot support parallel transactions since the same Oracle connection is used here and only one transaction is allowed as I found out per google search. Can any one suggest a solution how to handle this. Thank you! Posted 20-Dec-10 5:51am. Reddy Prakash. Updated 20-Dec-10 6:15am Manfred Rudolf Bihy. v2. Add a Solution. Comments. Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Dec-10 12:16pm Edit. The ODP.NET managed driver requires the Enlist=false or Enlist=dynamic setting in the Oracle connection string to allow the persister to enlist in a Distributed Transaction at the correct moment. Unicode support. SQL persistence itself supports Unicode characters, however data may become corrupted during saving if the database settings are incorrect. If Unicode support is required, follow the. Blockquote Specifies whether the application enlists in distributed transactions explicitly after an OracleConnection.Open method invocation through EnlistTransaction () or EnlistDistributedTransaction (). To configure ODP.NET to enable dynamic enlistment programmatically, the connection string must contain enlist=dynamic We've developed a .Net app that accesses an Oracle database, and have noticed that after changing the user's Oracle password, the app continues to work for a short time with the old password in the connection string. Presumably this is something to do with the way existing connections are pooled

According to your description, you want to know how to use enlist=false in connection string. If Enlist = true indicates that the SQL Server connection pooler automatically enlists the connection in the creation thread's current transaction context. If Enlist=false, SqlClient connections do not interact with the transaction. And the default value is true. Here is a code snippet. Check the connection string on the Database Connection page to make sure the properties are The host name or IP address of the Oracle server to connect to. Port: The TCP port of the Oracle server. Protocol: N/A: Server : N/A: Service Name: N/A: Users: When you need to access objects from other users, you can add users here. Note that this data will not be saved, so you must edit this.

OracleConnection Class. An OracleConnection object represents a connection to an Oracle database.. Class Inheritance. System.Object. System.MarshalByRefObject. System. Can anyone provide a sample code to connect to an Oracle server from a C# application. I need to connect using the OdbcConnection class · I don't use ODBC but the managed data provider. namespace BaseCoreClassesLibrary { public interface IConnection { string ConnectionString { get; } } } . using Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client; using System. We are unable to connect to an Oracle Database, from some Web Services with Visual Studio. We're currently using the unmanaged x64 Oracle.DataAccess.dll library (after getting some stranger issues with the Managed Driver). It's a long and convoluted web service, but the point of failure is in this code: protected virtual void PrepareCommand(IDbCommand command, IDbConnection connection. An OracleConnectionStringBuilder object allows applications to create or modify connection strings. Supported Only in ADO.NET 2.0-Compliant ODP.NET . Class Inheritance. System.Object. System.Data.Common.DbConnectionStringBuilder. Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleConnectionStringBuilder. Declaration // C# public sealed class OracleConnectionStringBuilder : DbConnectionStringBuilder Thread Safety.

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  1. g that identifies the database to which to connect. DBA Privilege: empty string: Ad
  2. Network Address The name or network address of the instance of SQL Server to which to connect. Enlist 'true' When true, the pooler automatically enlists the connection in the creation thread's current transaction context. Initial Catalog-or-Database The name of the database. Integrated Security-or-Trusted_Connection 'false' Whether the connection is to be a secure connection or not. Recognized.
  3. Use Configuration API Connection Settings . In this section, we will modify the connection information to switch from using Easy Connect to a net service name defined in the Configuration API. Modify the connection string Data Source by replacing the Easy Connect information with orclpdb
  4. WCF-Oracle Adapter and Oracle RAC. BizTalk Server > BizTalk Server Adapters and Adapter Pack. enlist in distributed transactions through the EnlistDistributedTransaction of the OracleConnection object, the enlist connection string... Answered | 11 Replies | 12523 Views | Created by KidFashion1 - Thursday, November 25, 2010 9:55 PM | Last reply by Ben Cline1 - Wednesday, March 21, 2012 8:23.

In this article, developers have learned how to connect to popular databases like SQL-Server, Microsoft Access and Oracle using base classes which reside in either class projects or NuGet packages rather than composing connection strings in a Windows form or directly in a data class. Inherited exception handle which may be used with composing connection strings, reading and writing data to. I am using vb.net on windows XP, and wanted to connect to Oracle 8i EnterPrise. When I connected to oracle through Microsoft Ole Db Provider for oracle present in provider list of the VB.Net and then when i entered the server name as my machine namezeeshanv23\IAS. the IAS is the database instance name of my database. then I entered the user. The connection string Enlist value is extracted from the WCF-SQL adapter UseAmbientTransaction binding property; The connection string Connect Timeout value extracted from the WCF-SQL adapter OpenTimeout binding property. The connection string Asynchronous Processing value is set to true; Note that the WCF-SQL Adapter, unlike other adapters in the BizTalk Adapter Pack 2010 like the WCF-Oracle. Note If you use Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle, you can use the @datasrc parameter to specify a DSN name. For a DSN-less connection, the provider string is supplied through the @provstr parameter. With Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle, use the Oracle server alias that is configured in the TNSNames.Ora file for the @datasrc parameter. For.

Connection string This Oracle Provider for OLE DB connection string can be used for connections to Oracle . This one specifies sessions to enlist in distributed transactions It has a connection string connecting to an Oracle database. It works fine. I have a 'normal' ASP.Net MVC (MVC 5.2.2, Enlist=False;Min Pool Size=10;Connection Lifetime=120;Connection Timeout=30;Incr Pool Size=5;Decr Pool Size=2; providerName=Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client/> TNSNames.ORA is fine [as you'd reckon given that the exact same connection string works in the other project. The connection string that includes the source database name, and other parameters needed to establish the initial connection. The default value is an empty string (). Remarks. The ConnectionString property can be set only when the connection is closed; setting ConnectionString of an opened connection closes this connection. Many of the connection string values have corresponding properties. This is another type of Oracle connection string that doesn't rely on you to have a DSN for the connection. You create a connection string based on the format used in the tnsnames.ora file without the need to actually have one of these files on the client pc. SERVER=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=MyHost)(PORT=MyPort))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=MyOracleSID))); uid=myUsername;pwd. Objective: Connect to an Oracle database using Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) and control parameters that manage ODP.NET database connection pooling.. Prerequisite: I assume you are familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and also have an basic understanding of ODP.NET and databases.. Introduction: ODP.NET, which is included in the Oracle.DataAccesss.dll assembly, provides a.

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Within IEnlistmentNotification.Prepare I want to enlist a new database connection. If I resolve the data source in my connection string I get an AccessViolationException: An unhandled exception of type 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in System.Data.OracleClient.dl OracleConnectionStringBuilder Class // .NET Framework 2.0 // System.Data.OracleClient, Version=, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089 namespace System.Data. OracleConnectionStringBuilder Class. An OracleConnectionStringBuilder object allows applications to create or modify connection strings.. Class Inheritance. System. Enlist Property // .NET Framework 2.0 // System.Data.OracleClient, Version=, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089 namespace System.Data.OracleClient { public sealed.

1. Can I use Enlist=false to prevent increasing session count? 2. If I use Enlist=false, 2 transactions in a TransactionScope works as all-or-nothing? (commit all or nothing) For problem 1) My problem is oracle session count increases every time when DB connection occurs. For example, following code increase session count by 6 Auto Enlist: true: Indicates whether the connection should automatically enlist in the current transaction, if there is one. Respect Binary Flags: true: Indicates whether the connection should respect all binary flags sent to the client as part of column metadata. False will cause the connector to behave like Connector/Net 5.0 and earlier. BlobAsUTF8IncludePattern: null: Pattern that should be. 1.16. Setting Connection Pooling Options Problem You need to know the different connection pooling options and how you can control them. Solution Use the connection string to control connection pooling - Selection from ADO.NET Cookbook [Book

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Or, if you want to use the connection string for an adapter you have already configured, select the send port or receive location from your BizTalk application. Generate an Insert Schema. You will use the schema as a template for creating an updategram that will insert Oracle Sales Cloud data. The schema is an .xsd file that defines the XML request and response. As an example, we show how to. Controlling Connection Pool through Connection String. Connection string plays a vital role in connection pooling. The handshake between ADO.NET and database server happens on the basis of this connection string only. Below is the table with important Connection pooling specific keywords of the connection strings with their description If you need more information, check the Oracle Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide, it's the e10927.pdf file on the B28359_01\win.111 folder of the Oracle documentation (version 11g). 4 Comments When i use PROMOTABLE TRANSACTION=LOCAL in my connection string i get an exception saying, PROMOTABLE TRANSACTION is nto a valid connection string identifier

LINQ to DB. LINQ to DB is the fastest LINQ database access library offering a simple, light, fast, and type-safe layer between your POCO objects and your database When selected, the Oracle ODBC driver requires an Oracle binary file, oramts10.dll for Oracle Database 10g clients or oramts11.dll for Oracle Database 11g clients. Fetch array size (rows) For dbdsn, use the FetchArraySize connection parameter in the connection string Ich brauche Ihre Hilfe, um diesen Fehler zu beheben passiert, wenn Sie versuchen, öffnen Sie die oracle-Verbindung in die Datenbank. Connection.Open ()

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The Connection String Options dialog is displayed. Enter connection properties. Below is a typical connection string: User=myuser;Password=mypassword;Server=localhost;Port=1521; To connect to Oracle, you'll first need to update your PATH variable and ensure it contains a folder location that includes the native DLLs. The native DLLs can be found in the lib folder inside the installation. Asp.net Connection String Performance Optimization: Introduction: Most ADO.NET data providers use connection pooling to improve the performance of applications built around Microsoft's disconnected .NET architecture. An application opens a connection (or gets a connection handle from the pool), runs one or more queries, processes the row set, and releases the connection back to the pool. When trying to open connection to Oracle database inside Distributed Transactions, weird exception appears: S Also, if application use System.Transactions, it is required that the enlist connection string attribute is set to either true (default) or dynamic. So, in my case, all what I had to do is just make sure that correct Promotable Transaction and Enlist settings are set. Posted. Gets or sets a boolean value that indicates if an opened connection should particiapte in the current scope. MySQL Connector/Net. MySQL Connector/Net. Reference. MySql.Data.MySqlClient. MySqlConnectionStringBuilder Class. MySqlConnectionStringBuilder Properties . AllowBatch Property . AllowLoadLocalInfile Property . AllowPublicKeyRetrieval Property . AllowUserVariables Property. If you miss the INSTANCE_NAME attribute in your JDBC connect descriptor, the Oracle TNS Listener could still redirect you to some other instance depending on the load on the instance in question. Write a Connection Factory that does the following when a connection is requested: - Checks if a node pool is already associated with the thread - If a node pool is not associated with the thread.

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  1. Enlist 'false' true indicates that the SQL Server connection pooler automatically enlists the connection in the creation thread's current transaction context. Failover Partner . N/A . The name of the failover partner server where database mirroring is configured. The Failover Partner keyword is not supported by .NET Framework version 1.0 or 1.1
  2. The session will enlist with the first scope in which the session is used (or opened). As of NHibernate v5.0, it will enlist its connection in the transaction regardless of connection string Enlist setting
  3. To not get in conflict with the underlying driver, Telerik Data Access makes some additions to the connection string that is provided by the user. They can be overridden by the user, because the Telerik Data Access additions are added to the beginning of the connection string. The driver will accept the last property that was specified. For example, when you add a model to your project, a new.
  4. StackTrace at Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleException.HandleErrorHelper(Int32 errCode, OracleConnection conn, IntPtr opsErrCtx, OpoSqlValCtx* pOpoSqlValCtx, Object.
  5. The first pitfalls are in the connections strings. For SQL Server, connecting to the database is a relatively simple affair. Oracle connections are very different. For one, Oracle connections can be done in two different ways, with the tnsnames.ora file or without. The tsanames.ora file contains the server IP address, the server port, and the.
  6. When true, the pooler automatically enlists the connection in the creation thread's current transaction context. Initial Catalog-or-Database : The name of the database. Integrated Security-or-Trusted_Connection 'false' Whether the connection is to be a secure connection or not. Recognized values are 'true', 'false', and 'sspi', which is.

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Indicates whether the connected database is an Oracle database or a TimesTen database. ServerVersion: Gets a string containing the version of the instance of Oracle to which the client is connected. ServiceName: Gets or sets an alias to an Oracle database instance (or many instances) to use in the OracleConnection.Direct mode. ShortServerVersio The connection string builders allow developers to programmatically create syntactically correct connection strings, and to parse and rebuild existing connection strings, using properties and methods of the class. The connection string builder provides strongly typed properties corresponding to the known key/value pairs allowed by Oracle. The <xref:System.Data.OracleClient.

When we set the Enlist to true in the connection string and open the connection under a TransactionScope, we got the following exception. Code: Select all. ORA-02048: attempt to begin distributed transaction without logging on Code: Select all. at Devart.Data.Oracle.bm.b(Int32 A_0) at Devart.Data.Oracle.aq.d(Int32 A_0) at Devart.Data.Oracle.aq.a(Guid A_0, IsolationLevel A_1) at Devart.Data. Pre-allocate connections using the Min Pool Size connection string option. Decide what connection strings you will need. Remember that each unique connection string creates a new connection pool. In the following C# code example, three new OracleConnection objects are created, but only two connection pools are required to manage them. Note that the first and second connection strings differ. Connection String: Enlist=dynamic will behave the same as Enlist=false. Connection String: Promotable Transaction setting will be ignored. It will always be set to promotable and always support promotions. Connection String: Statement Cache Purge is not supported. Connectivity: Connection to Oracle Times Ten Database is not supported.

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For iqdsn, use the enableMSDIC option in the connection string. Not supported for .odbc.ini. Select this option to enlist your transactions in the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. When selected, the Oracle ODBC driver requires an Oracle binary file, oramts.dll for Oracle 9i clients or oramts10.dll for Oracle 10g clients. Encrypt. The Oracle connection pooling layer enables the database server to act as a resource manager (RM) in the MS DTC-coordinated transaction. Figure 5-1 and Table 5-1 provide an overview of how these and other components perform a transaction. Figure 5-1 Component Integration in a Transaction Text description of the illustration ntmts008.gif Table 5-1 Component Integration in a Transaction.

Hi, You can fix it by removing 'incr pool size' from your connection string, or switching to Oracle's ODP provider. Thats an Oracle.DataAccess thing, not a System.Data.OracleClient thing as best i can tell per the docs If you see that Oracle holds Connections of your application with invalid status check: 1) That you are using Oracle ODP.NET provider (version 102 or higher) and not Microsoft provider for oracle. This bug solved just in ODP.NET. 2) Ensure that you close all your open connections by closing or disposing OracleConnection. 3) Pay attention to those two connection string options: Decr pool.

Gets or sets a boolean value that indicates if an opened connection should particiapte in the current scope. MySQL Connector/NET 8.0 API Reference. MySQL Connector/NET 8.0 API Reference. Reference. MySql.Data.MySqlClient. MySqlConnectionStringBuilder Class . MySqlConnectionStringBuilder Properties. AllowBatch Property . AllowLoadLocalInfile Property . AllowPublicKeyRetrieval Property. This section introduces dotConnect for Oracle. It contains the information on how to install dotConnect for Oracle, quick walkthroughs to get started developing applications with it, information on technical dotConnect licensing and deployment, and brief description of its documentation and samples 授予每个自然周发布4篇到6篇原创it博文的用户。本勋章将于次周周三上午根据用户上周的博文发布情况由系统自动颁发

Unable to enlist in a distributed transaction (Windows7, Oracle 11G R1) Hi, I have a .Net application running on Windows 7 x64 using VisualStudio2008 and Oracle 11G R1 32bit client In it I call a webservice calling another webservice, this requires to use oramts that interfaces with Microsoft DTC. However I'm getting th Using Connection Pooling Connection pooling allows you to reuse connections rather than creating a new one every time the data provider needs to establish a connection to the underlying database. The DataDirect Connect for.NET data providers automatically enable connection pooling for your .NET client application.. You can control connection pooling behavior by using connection string options. I'm using the Microsoft sanctioned method of TransactionScope to initiate a transaction and have connections set to automatically enlist in a distributed transaction if one is already running. I'm using the Managed Oracle driver for 12c so haven't got a 12c client installed. Here's what's odd. The first connection always opens successfully and gets enlisted to the transaction, whichever way.

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  1. The Oracle documentation says : Cause: The (connect) string contains an invalid driver designator. Action: Correct the string and re-submit. Change the database connect string (of the form host:port:SID) with this one: (description=(address=(host=myhost)(protocol=tcp)(port=1521))(connect_data=(sid=orcl))) Ed. Hmm, I don't think this is.
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  3. WriteLine ( Enlist exist: + connStrBuilder. ContainsKey ( Enlist )); // returns false: connStrBuilder. ContainsKey ( Invalid ); // ShouldSerialize indicates whether or not a specific key // exists in connection string inherited from DbConnectionStringBuilder. // returns true if the key is explicitly added the user otherwise false

.net - Connection using enlist=false does not close after ..

  1. 1 Answers 1 ---Accepted---Accepted---Accepted---So, my answer was a couple of things: Firstly I needed to install the OracleMTS service on my client. Secondly i changed from OleDB (via Oracle.ManagedDataAccess v12) to Oracle.DataAccess v11, and it works
  2. Hi all, Can any one tell me how to implement module using Oracle 10g database (logic & Oracle 10g Queries) and how can I use membership and roles with Oracle 10g & vs 2.0. , for implement this is it compulsory to install oracle 10g server on the same machine on which I'm implementing this task or otherwise i can use other system as a server (like remote or client server) Hi,You.
  3. Oracle: OracleException [Unable to enlist in a distributed transaction] thrown inside TransactionScope #181. bahram-aliyev opened this issue Mar 6, 2015 · 4 comments Comments . Copy link Quote reply Contributor bahram-aliyev commented Mar 6, 2015. Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleException [Unable to enlist in a distributed transaction] exception thrown when DataConnection used inside.
  4. Enlisting an Oracle database connection throws an
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  6. connectionStringのEnlistをFalseにするとトランザクション制御されな
  7. Enlisting a database connection throws AccessVi - Oracle

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